Each year Sissy Michelle and myself (Sissy Stephanie) travel to Provincetown, Cape Cod to attend "Carnival Week" which is celebrated the third week in August.   This is like having "Mardi Gras" in the Summer.

  It is great fun and brings out lots of DRAG in town.  Anyway, Michelle and I a sissies for the entire time, I mean 24/7 everyday and every night!  We dress as little sissy girls or French Maids, changing outfits twice a day.  We spend a lot of time just wondering up and down Commercial Street , posing for tourists and visiting merchants who are glad to see us in town.  We have been doing this every year for about six years and already have reservations at the B & B we stay at for this year.

   The week's festivities kick off with an "opening party" where the king and queen of Carnival are crowned and many of the shows currently running in town will perform a short vignette.  Later in the week is DRAG Bingo, a fund raiser for the local Unitarian Church and sponsored by them in their "front yard".  There are over 400 people, most of them in DRAG playing bingo outdoors with lots of spectators and hecklers standing around.  Awards are presented for various categories of costume.

   The highlight of the week for us is the parade which attracts thousands of people to this small town.  We usually walk in the parade as "Sissies on Parade".  There were seven sissies in our group in 2005!  We are going to try for more this year.  The week closes with a closing party as well as DRAG brunch which is sponsored by one of the outdoor restaurants in town.

   Michelle and I always have a GREAT time during Carnival.  And the people in town seem to enjoy seeing the "sights" also

View pics from Sissys adventure here.