Sissy Stephanie has been a client of mine for over 12 years. I have created many frilly Little Girl Outfits French Maid and AB wear for her.

We have shared many exciting and crazy adventures together. A trip to Toys R Us, the ballet, The Rocky Horror Show on B`Way, and more.

Each year Sissy Stephanie conducts a French Maid Academy. This is an intensive weekend training course for those who want to learn the proper etiquette for a serving as a French Maid.

In the near future, I will be starting a French Maid employment agency. This agency will hire out properly trained Maids to be hostesses at dinner parties, birthday parties, special events, etc. The Maids will be paid a salary for their serving at these events. Whether she is a French Maid, LG, or AB, the fun never stops, I will also be planning Group Outings for Little Girl Adventures in New York City. Yes, Sissy Stephanie will help me on these outings.



Sissy Maid Stephanie has been active in the scene since 1996 when she won the “Sissy Maid Award” at the last “Dressing for Pleasure” fetish weekend. At that time “The Baroness”, who was a judge for the competition, commanded her to serve at an upcoming party. That was the beginning of Sissy Maid service for Stephanie. Also at the DFP event, I met Sissy Blueballs Fellatrix who has served as my mentor over the years and my wonderful sissy friend.

I serve an average of one party a month and have lived 24/7 as a sissy for various periods of time up to twelve days. I have served Mistress Lalique, Mistress Nona, The Baroness, Miss Abilina and Master Robert and a variety of other scene people. I currently have a sissy collar from Lady Red who I have been serving since November, 2000. I have served at “straight” and gay parties as well as scene parties.



Sissy Suggestions

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